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Intimate Beachfront Community
on Costa Azul...
San Jose Del Cabo, B.C.S.

Welcome to El Zalate in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

We offer the best of Los Cabos in a smaller, more intimate setting on the Baja beachfront. We are not a large, corporate resort vacation destination. Instead, our four buildings are nestled close to the water where the sounds of the waves is ever-present. Experience peacefull luxury along with a mix of shopping, dining, boating, culture, and a wealth of recreational opportunities conveniently nearby.
If you are interested in renting an owner's condo at El Zalate,rental listings for one, two and three bedroom condos can be found at VRBO.com, Homeaway.com,
and various other sites.
The Los Cabos area offers three distinct travel destinations;
the busy and bustling Cabo San Lucas, the smaller colonial settlement town of San Jose del Cabo
and "The Corridor"
a 20 mile stretch of land
between these two very different locations.

El Zalate is on the corridor closer to San Jose del Cabo near Palmilla and Coral Baja Resort, at KM 28.5


What is the neighborhood around El Zalate like?
El Zalate is bordered on one side by the Sea of Cortez and the other by a low density housing neighborhood on the other side of the highway. To the East is the Coral Baja resort. To the West are La Jolla condominiums.

Are there any amenities within walking distance?
Please refer to the map in LOCATION section for information about restaurants and other amenities nearby.

Is it safe to use taxis/cabs in Los Cabos?

Yes. We recommend that you ask what the fare will be before you get into the cab.

What is the geography like?
The towns of San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and the 18 mile corridor along the beach between them comprise "Los Cabos". Located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula we are roughly 1000 miles south of the California/US  border. The Sierra de la Laguna mountains run straight south from La Paz (the state's capital) to the Cape Region. Here the mountainous spine of the Peninsula rises to 2163 meters at Picacho de la Laguna, the last stand before plunging into the Pacific at the famous natural arch "Land's End." Vegetation becomes denser, with palo blancos dominating. Here you will find some of the most picturesque coasts and beaches in the world.

What else is there to do besides water sports & golf?

There are literally hundreds of activities in this area, and part of the fun of returning year after year is to explore all aspects of Los Cabos. From eco tourism to language and cooking schools, from desert to sea, from history to pop culture, the offerings are endless! See the ATTRACTIONS section of this web site for links to endless activities, cultural events and adventures.

What is the weather like?

It's almost perfect about 10 months a year, and even in August and September, when it's hotter and more humid than most locals would like, it's still much more comfortable than you would think, especially compared to the heat of the southwest or humidity of southern and eastern states.

Can I bring US or Canadian dollars to spend?

US dollars, yes. Canadian dollars, no. There is currently a limit of how much currency can be exchanged per day at each bank due to new legislation from the federal government designed to crack down on money laundering. Consult with your travel professional or person/place from whom you are renting.

Is there quality health care in Los Cabos in case I need it?
Yes. There are several highly rated Hospitals locally.

Is Los Cabos safe?
Los Cabos is very safe. Statistics prove it is more safe than most US cities of equivalent size. 
As always with travel to a strange city
be aware of your surroundings!

Is there any crime in Los Cabos?
Crimes of opportunity and petty theft exist here, as well as the occasional serious crime. To enhance your safety, stay primarily in the well lit tourist areas after dark, don't drink and drive and don't get drunk, obnoxious or ugly.